I record a video but is bigger that my RAM?

Answer That shouldn't be a problem. Not having enough RAM may make it run slow but it should still work.If you are sure the problem is lack of memory you can always add more RAM up to 3.5GB with 32 bit wi... Read More »

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I record a video with hypercam but after i record it the video wont show in my media player, why is that?

the file format of hypercam may not be supported by mplayer, may have to convert.

I just bought a JVC GR-D770U that uses mini-dv to record video. How do I upload the video to my computer?

I had this same problem. You know how it has nothing to upload to the computer? Yea, it's because you can NOT upload to the computer. I borrowed my Grandpa's JVC camera and I was doing alot of fun ... Read More »

Screen recorder that could record video also!!?

I suggest that you can use which i am using now----total screen video.It could be able to record the video you are playing on your screen.and it has lots of another features is the downloa... Read More »

Is there any software available so that you can watch video on your PC as you record it on your iPhone 4?

What are the Out going settings for email on bell Iphone 4s