I recently got braces i got a few questions?

Answer Yes you will get used to them! It just takes a few days. Flossing will always be kinda hard with them but if you get in the habit of flossing with braces it will be easier. I was scared about the l... Read More »

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So i recently got braces a few questions?

1) eat ice cream! it cools down your mouth and leaves a good feeling for some time . 2) yes you will get used to it. eventually your fingers will be able to move the floss swiftly between your teet... Read More »

I recently bought a Samsung LCD TV, I have a few questions about it...?

1. Increasing the backlight level does reduce the life of the backlight. Since, in many cases, this is not a reolplaceable item, this could also reduce the overall life of your set.2. Digital TV is... Read More »

Braces questions!!?

1) about 9 when you first get them on - after about three day its fine.2)i like to get the different shades of blue :D i got tuquoise and it looks nice. but i like to stand out - if you dont want t... Read More »

Braces wax: few questions?

no don't use it while eating cause the food with take the wax off and you will swallow it without knowing until the end. Sleeping is okay idk any alternatives to wax..This happened to me when i had... Read More »