I recently feel uncomfortable in my joint ... around my knee .. i duno y .. so .. what can be done to heal .?

Answer Few Questions;How old are U?Is the pain persistent?Is it worse during mornings?Just search about glucosamine sulphate online, and i'm sure you'll get most of ur answers. If you are over 35 then i t... Read More »

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I have inner knee pain when i walk, and sometimes my hip joint aches also. just moving my knee will hurt the?

Take a proper treatment from joint pain specialist and I hope that will help you better. . .

My left knee joint moved leftis it joint disallocation?

Ok. Listen sometimes life throws us a curveball. I think you just got one. Your best bet is to use the RICE treatment. Stay off of it for 3 to 5 days as much as you can. Read More »

Why Do I Feel So Uncomfortable When I Try To Sleep?

I'm actually answering this at 5am in the morning but my insomnia sounds different to your experience so I don't think it's a massive problem. If your on your phone or tv late then your asking a lo... Read More »

I feel sick and uncomfortable?

change drs,get a second did pick up a bug from your brother,try inhaling steam,it will clear out your head.get into a hot shower and inhale the steam,it should open up your nostrils.rub... Read More »