I recently burnt a dvd on a sony dvd recorder, and it wont play on any other dvd player, whys that?

Answer Perhaps the DVD needs to be FINALIZED. This steps makes the DVD more standard for other units to read. Also it may be that you made a DVD+R disc and that isn't as compatible as DVD-R. If the Sony ... Read More »

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You would like to record Regular TV programing from your antenna tv signal on your new sony kdl5150 is their a blue ray player recorder on the market?

They are made by the Chinese company TCL, and branded Logik to be sold by the Dixons (formerly DSG) group of outlets. The Logik LBD-1000 is known by its manufacturer TCL as the THBD-1000.

Does cirus DVD player play burnt dvds?

It's a DVD player and so I don't see why they shouldn't all CD's are generally the same so I would say yes

My blu ray player wont play dvds?

Blu-Rays and DVDs use different lasers to read the discs. It may be a mechanical problem.

Mpeg4 video sent from sony ericson w810i wont play on my computer....why ?

You computer doesn't have the right codec.Use VLC. It plays everything, and it's free.