I recently became a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian..?

Answer If you eat shrimps you will not be a vegetarian, shrimps are creatures that have a circulatory system and a heart that pumps. They have a nervous system including a brain that enables them to recog... Read More »

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I recently became a vegetarian and now I'm gaining weight...?

You eat carbs constantly- I'd be shocked if you weren't pre-diabetic.Oats, crackers, noodles, apples, potatoes, more oats....The dairy isn't doing you any favors, either-it's chock full of growth h... Read More »

I recently became a vegetarian what are some things I can and cannot eat?

It depends on how strict of a vegetarian you want to be. No vegetarians eat meat. Some eat fish. Some eat eggs and dairy, some don't. Vegetarians who abstain from fish AND dairy are called vegans. ... Read More »

How to Be a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian?

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism is the practice of avoiding meat, fish and poultry while allowing the consumption of dairy and some other animal-based products. Deciding which foods to allow in your lacto-... Read More »

Is it bad to not take b12 supplements if you're lacto-ovo vegetarian?

The Oxford study of "brain shrinkage," (which is referenced here quite frequently) did not study diet at all. It merely evaluated brain mass and B-12 levels in a very small (107) group of elderly p... Read More »