I received this e-mail and I was wondering if it was a real deal?

Answer Definitely FraudYou shouldn't open unsolicted email from unknown sources. Often what happens is that when you open up spam, it sends back a trigger to the originating source indicating that a valid... Read More »

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I received a check in the mail from but i can't find out why or if it's real or not?

If you get a check and you don't know why, it's more than likely fake. If you deposit it and it bounces, you're responsible, so I wouldn't recommend putting it in the bank.

I received e-mail from UK National Lottery informing II won a prize of 500,000.00 Britishpounds.Is it real?

Received a death threat on e-mail (from non-Yahoo e-mail addy)?

If it is a spam letter of some sort from Singapore, what I would do myself is this:Copy all headers from the sender, and send copy to Abuse@their provider/server, as well as to abuse@my email provi... Read More »

I am just wondering for those of you attending University of Phoenix, have you received your loan refund yet?

i have not receive mines yet either and the loan have not been posted to the school account either they just give you the rip around I don't know what to do.