I received e-mail from Nigerian gentleman?

Answer send the money to me i will see that he gets it TRUST ME

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Received a death threat on e-mail (from non-Yahoo e-mail addy)?

If it is a spam letter of some sort from Singapore, what I would do myself is this:Copy all headers from the sender, and send copy to Abuse@their provider/server, as well as to abuse@my email provi... Read More »

Who do I notify about a Nigerian scam sent to my e-mail Apparently I have an inheritance of $3.700,000.000.?

Actually you can report it but there is not a lot Yahoo can do about these scams. The messages come from computers which are taken over by hackers and used for this purpose. It is almost impossible... Read More »

How to Know If Sent Mail Has Been Received?

Some email providers offer users the option of requesting a return or read receipt from the recipient to confirm that the email was received. Other email providers do not offer a return receipt opt... Read More »

What do you think about this e-mail I've just received?

You could always scambait the b@$^@#ds! "So what is scambaiting? Well, put simply, you enter into a dialogue with scammers, simply to waste their time and resources. Whilst you are doing this, you ... Read More »