I received an electric shock from unplugging my computer... how serious could it be?

Answer Yes it could be very serious. You should go see a doctor. The feelings will go and come back. You should have the doctor check you out. I'm sorry i dont know anything about that type of thing but i... Read More »

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You felt electric shock from washing machine on 16th day of you are there any problem or defects for baby's growth.ELECTRIC SHOCK EFFECTS BABY?

AnswerNo. Highly, highly unlikely. I'm guessing you're talking about a little electro-static shock from the washing machine- nothing at all to worry about.If it was some sort of real electrical sho... Read More »

Could my toddler have got an electric shock?

Your son will learn. Thankfully it is only 115 volts ac and that will not injure him He will learn that the hard way but until he does, just keep an eye on him. You can also use the "no" "bad' "ou... Read More »

Electric shock from crt monitor, am i ok?

If you feel strange, call a doctor, get someone to drive you to a nearby clinic (do NOT drive yourself) or call 911 NOW.If you have a medical problem, get professional help. Don't be posting online... Read More »

What to do if you get an electric shock from your head phones?