I received an Epidural shot for back pain today, will it work in the long run?

Answer It worked for me. I felt better the next day. I was almost pain free after one week. I didn't need more than one shot.Some people need 3 shots. A Dr. will not give more than 3 shots about 2 weeks a... Read More »

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You are 36 wks dilated 1 cm effaced 50 Today a lot of lower back pain this is your 6th baby think it will be soon?

I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?

If you are on the Depo shot but took antibiotics or your also on a hormone pill will that conter act the shot to not work?

Answer Antibiotics are notorious for reducing the effects of birth control.

I have a head back pain for 2 days already..i took a pain releaver but it did'nt work...?

No medicines are necessary..follow this method for 7days.Giving free service since many years.Holistic healing method or detoxificaton method.You should immediately avoid1. all types of milk produc... Read More »