I really want to reduce the amount of homeless people in my town. But how?

Answer Put up a sign on a cliff that says "Jump here and you will land in a pool of hooch"

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How can I best make myself look like an abused woman in order to get into the only homeless shelter in town?

Every city has homeless shelters, but show up early the line could be long considering the economy and the weather. This way you can still wear drag. I don't think you know the trouble you would be... Read More »

How many people become homeless a day?

How Many Homeless People Are There in the World?

It is very difficult to determine how many homeless people there are in the world because countries have different legal definitions for homelessness. Natural disasters and sudden civil unrest also... Read More »

Implications of Homeless People?

Homelessness isn't a single problem; it's a syndrome -- an intersection of many problems. On its surface it is purely economic but there's a more complex, underlying story. HUD -- The Department of... Read More »