I really want to reduce the amount of homeless people in my town. But how?

Answer Put up a sign on a cliff that says "Jump here and you will land in a pool of hooch"

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What do people really want to buy?

Do the government really want people to quit smoking?

No they dont! but they want to look good in the eye's of the non-smokers who think its disgusting? yet because they dont smoke they can afford the bigger gas guzzling cars for which polute the atmo... Read More »

How can I best make myself look like an abused woman in order to get into the only homeless shelter in town?

Every city has homeless shelters, but show up early the line could be long considering the economy and the weather. This way you can still wear drag. I don't think you know the trouble you would be... Read More »

What should I drive if I want people to think I'm really super cool?

You should drive A Ford Truck 1994 & Up.F250 or F350 crew cab,Lifted At least A 12 inch lift 21 inch would be the way to go, Super swampers & Chrome Chrome and more Chrome,Drive A Lifted Ford Tru... Read More »