I really want to lose weight but just working out makes me tired?

Answer Try cutting back on red meat. Red meat has more fat it in than people think. Eat more veggies. Avoid fried foods. Above all....Do not starve to lose weight. This will cause your body to store ... Read More »

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What should your weight be if you're 11 years old and 5'2'' and weigh 136 lbs and want to lose weight really bad?

work out 4 like an hour or 30 minutes a day do this 4 a week or 2 and thoes lbs will shed off I think you should do lots of exercise, but make sure you do a variety of things. like for the first da... Read More »

Can you really lose weight just by walking 30 min every day?

That would be more for maintaining your weight...You would need to up it to about an hour everyday. It takes about a good 20 mintues to up your heart rate to the point where you start to burn a goo... Read More »

I really want to lose weight but I cant get my mind in the right place.?

It is great that you have the desire to lose weight. It isn't an easy choice to make, because no matter what you try - in order to be successful - you'll have to make a lifestyle change. Don't be... Read More »

How can i lose weight if i love food i want to lose at least 30lbs.?

weight watchers you can eat what you want but it teaches u moderation