I really want to get into modeling and I'm 13?

Answer The agencies that book work are all in NYC so you and your parents are going to have to be willing to travel to NYC several times a week for casting calls as they are all held thereFord, Wilhelmina... Read More »

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Have you heard of Modeling Scams I want best Modeling Advice?

Modeling assessments are one of the biggest scams in the industry don't know the company you mention, but there is no reason to pay anything. You can attend o... Read More »

I didn't really want to get dragged into the revolution, but I'm gonna ask anyway?

Here is my take on the whole thing. When these pictures are put up... it is in support of breastfeeding. The more people see it, the more used to seeing it they will be. It is a sad reality that it... Read More »

I'm moving into a house and i really want to paint the living room, but not beige something bold!!?

Have someone draw you naked all over the walls. And they don't have to be your own walls as well.

How to Break Into Modeling?

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