I really want to get high what should I do?

Answer Climb the Everest that's really high.No, really do some exercise, read a book, surf the web,pray, etc. Do what ever it takes to keep your mind from it. Good luck "

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You are a jehovah's witness but i really want to join rotc but my father is an elder and i don't want to be the reason for him losing his position what should you do?

Reserve Officers' Training Corps? If your father is an elder in the Christian congregation, you should already know why Jehovah's Witnesses do not involve themselves with politics and killing othe... Read More »

Myspace...i really want one. Should i get one or stay away from them..and are they really that BAD Thanks =]?

They aren't bad, people just really blow up the whole idea of myspace.

I want to get really fat, what should I eat?

Ice Cream(frequently, rather than seldomly)McDonaldsKFCBurger KingAny fast food joint

What should you do if you want a child and you are really young?

Answer Become a nanny or do a lot of babysitting. If this isn't an option get a dog. I know that sounds silly, but you are better off with a dog than a baby if you are young. Wait until you are old... Read More »