I really need help with Google Earth 5.0?

Answer i do not know how to make the waves 3D, i have been trying myself, but to go underwater, you do need to hold shift, click and drag down (at least that is what I do). do that all at once, and you sh... Read More »

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Help with google earth?

It depends on where you live, if you live in NYC, you can see people on the streets, but if you live in a small town in the middle of now where, you'll be lucky to make out any buildings. Google is... Read More »

How to make google our home page please i really need help?

Go to Tools (located at top of screen) then under tools click options.once in options, you'll see it say homepage under it you'll see a white box w/ some website in it, backspace the website and ty... Read More »

I need help with this guy plz im really really confused?

Sorry I didn't read the whole thing just skimmed through it but based on the last part alone move on he isn't worth it. If he cheats on his current gf with you(yes making out is cheating) he will e... Read More »

Need help with hard uk junction Help! Top marks rewarded! (google map co ordinates given)?

Providing Bronshill Rd is clear, you should "creep and peep" around the parked vehicle - if you see it is clear to proceed then do so. Do not creep forward if you see vehicles approaching from your... Read More »