I really need help i'm trying to get smarter...?

Answer reading can make you smarter if you read books that have information and it can make more literate which means you'll be able to talk to better. sorry if you're older and trying to get smarter, the... Read More »

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I need help, I really really really really really really need your help rigth now?

trust me, having a dick is just having more surface area that can be cut scraped or otherwise injured extremely easily. there's more nerve endings in a dudes package than in a womans breasts. it hu... Read More »

Really need help on dieting! Really important! PLEASE HELP?

Check out the get in shape program link below. Make sure you eat food but watch your portions.

I need technical help...Trying to get A DVD Uploaded?

Let me get things straight... you burnt your movie onto a dvd using your home theatre dvd recorder? I had the same problem of having nothing show up on the disc when i put it in my computer.if this... Read More »

I Need Help.. I'm Trying To Become Vegetarian!?

What on earth are you trying to do?I hope the headaches aren't caused by any of this.People often harm themselves by not knowing enough about health requirements for our bodies, and that goes for b... Read More »