I really need help i have nail fungus and it has been getting worse?

Answer I have a bad nail also but it's getting better. It used really hurt. The fungus was making my nail grow really thick and jacked up. My doctor told me to keep my nails trimmed or I can try some pill... Read More »

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Nail Fungus Listerine cured my nail fungus! This is the reason I joined Yahoo Answers.?

Yes, it really does work, on most mild to moderate fungal infections. Thanks for sharing. :)It isn't the fastest way to clear a fungal infection, but it is cheap. So if this works, why complain? ... Read More »

How to Naturally Treat a Nail Infection and Nail Fungus with Vitamins?

One way to naturally treat a nail infection and nail fungus is with vitamins. If you catch a nail infection or fungus towards the beginning, it's usually fairly easy to treat it without taking medi... Read More »

What Are the Risks of Getting Nail Fungus at Nail Salons?

Nail fungus is a common affliction. It is possible to contract a nail fungus in a nail salon if the technician has not property sanitized and sterilized her tools. When a customer or the technician... Read More »

What causes toe nail fungus?

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection triggered by the presence of fungal organisms called dermatophytes. Several factors may contribute to an environment that allows dermatophytes to m... Read More »