I really need help i have nail fungus and it has been getting worse?

Answer I have a bad nail also but it's getting better. It used really hurt. The fungus was making my nail grow really thick and jacked up. My doctor told me to keep my nails trimmed or I can try some pill... Read More »

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I'm 14 and my acne has been getting worse, any help?

I found this link, and I've been using it's tips. It recommends changing what you eat to stop acne:…This site has great home remedies you can try to get r... Read More »

What Are the Risks of Getting Nail Fungus at Nail Salons?

Nail fungus is a common affliction. It is possible to contract a nail fungus in a nail salon if the technician has not property sanitized and sterilized her tools. When a customer or the technician... Read More »

I have been infected with viruses! I need help getting rid of them?

Ok google Ewido that should do the job it has merged with AVG if that don`t fix it I will be suprised

I have been having heart pain and it is getting worse any clue what it is?

Here is an article you should read…