I really need a job! Can anyone suggest a useful website or service?

Answer Try these:www.officerecruit.comwww.fish4jobs.comGood luck... hope you do well xx

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Can anyone suggest me website for garage door replacement services in Texas?

Google.......Garage door replacement in Texas.

Please anyone I really need a proxy server or something because i need to get around homesafe, its really piss?

Tor Browser should be able to get around it with not much trouble and make anything you do fairly anonymous.

Can anyone suggest a website or tutorial to help with writing code for the iPhone?

Its' different connection socket for iphone 3g and 3gs. Please check images here :

I really need a low price professional camera or a semi professional one. I need someone to suggest some.?

Camera? This question is in the camcorder forum...First, define "professional" grade. In my book, that means a lens filter diameter of 70mm or bigger (for low light behavior), low compression video... Read More »