I really need a bra but i don't no how.what should i do?

Answer Victoria's Secret trains all their employees to do bra fittings. You don't have to be naked or anything either, and it's free! I wouldn't recommend their bras, but if you just need a fitting that... Read More »

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Do you think i should smoke weed I really need help to decide or not its a really hard question.?

heII ya my fuickin sessy azz niggu sista XDill be right there with ya :P

I have really long hair and i dont like it .i want to cut it but my family dose not allow what should i do?

Well, it depends why your family does not let you cut your hair:Try this:1. Make a consultation at a salon.Do you feel bad that you made a consultation? Cancal it.You don't ? Go to the consultation... Read More »

Where should i go if i need to fax something and i dont have a fax machine?

Choose a girlfriend who has access to a FAX machine.

What should I do my brothers really close friend just died and I dont know how to comfort him without him yelling at me?