I really feel like I want to start smoking?

Answer Nah it's rubbish, I wouldn't.

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What does smoking pot really feel like?

its like being dizzy only you can walk fine. you forget what happened to you 5 seconds earlier and then you think about it like it was a dream. you also get really hungry and stuff that happens aro... Read More »

Do the government really want people to quit smoking?

No they dont! but they want to look good in the eye's of the non-smokers who think its disgusting? yet because they dont smoke they can afford the bigger gas guzzling cars for which polute the atmo... Read More »

How to Quit Smoking when You Don't Really Want to?

If you are feeling pressured to quit from an outside source, such as friends and/or family, and you don't really want to quit yourself, there's not really any reason to bother. Even if you manage t... Read More »

Never smoked but want to start smoking?

Smoking is VERY bad for you. There is NOTHING good about it at all. Cigarettes are FULL of chemicals that are toxic to your body.... and the manufacturers put chemicals into them to get and keep yo... Read More »