I really dont have that much money so does anyone know of any cheap health insurance!?

Answer Define 'cheap.' Health insurance is cheaper than not having it and ending up in a hospital. Just find an insurance broker to help you out. I have comparison tools and links to brokers in each st... Read More »

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I just cut my juggular open, i dont have health insurance, what do i do!?

Go to the hospital what else should you do?Insurance or not if your juggular is still open allyou blood will drain. If you have enough money to pay then just GO man GO!

If the auto insurance settles with an claimant after health insurance has been billed and paid who gets the money?

Answer If it is owed to the health insurance and they were already paid you must return it the ins. company. If not, you could be charged - heavily - even if you say "I thought it was mine" have ... Read More »

Is humana health insurance cheap?

Humana health insurance is considered to be one of the more affordable health insurance's available. It is considered to be a quality health insurance that can be affordable for anyone who needs it.

Are there loans you can get to pay for your cosmetic dentistry What are some other payment options if you dont have health insurance?

Answer If you have a credit card that is one option. Some 'loan companies' would also be an idea, do you own your vehicle, or home? If so you could take a second on your house, or refinance a vehi... Read More »