I realize this has been asked time and again?

Answer I love my TrendMicro's PCcillan.The thing costs a mint - but I can correspond with them. I use e-mail, though... I've never attempted a chat, so I do not know if they charge or not.... but it is a ... Read More »

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Every 5 minutes I am asked to input my password again. this has on ly happened in the last month and it is ve?

In many cases this is due to the bad date on the PC. Then you are asked to login quite often.

This may have been asked already...why did I get custom thumbnails?

wow im jealous, i guess youtube might have messed something up? you cant become a partner without applying.

Have been talking to this guy on Facebook for about a day now. He asked for my number. Do I give it to him.?

Depends, do you like him or think a date might be enjoyable? Wait, forget all of that, first you need to Google him and see if anything comes up suspicious. Heck, my employer forgot to Google a new... Read More »

I know this has been asked before, what is the best relief from a BAD Sun Burn?

Take it from a mom, nurse and a very white girl you need lots of water, a cool shower, a sunburn relief formula that has aloe, and an antiinflammatory such as motrin or advil (ibuprofen). Hope you ... Read More »