I quit smoking 11 days ago --- when should I expect weight gain?

Answer Congratulations!! It seems to creep up on you.I was looking at pictures of myself last year Before I quit and it seems I have put on at least 20 pounds since quitting ( I refuse to get on a scale.... Read More »

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Quit smoking weed about 10 days ago, what to expect?

I would expect whiter eyes and taco bell to not sound nearly as good.

How much weight will I gain if I quit smoking?

The Mayo Clinic indicates that weight gain usually occurs in the first few months after quitting smoking. On average, a person usually gains about 10 lbs. when he quits smoking, according to the We... Read More »

How to Prevent Weight Gain when Quitting Smoking?

Many people gain weight when they quit smoking because nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco, increases the metabolism. Metabolism refers to the way your body burns energy, so if you have a hi... Read More »

If i quit smoking, what will i expect to happen?