I put my rubberbands on at night, and in the morning they are gone.?

Answer If you grind your teeth they may slip off.

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If I'm gone by the morning,?

Sure thing.If we have anything to say about it, you'll come back in 3 days, rising from the Y!grave and ascend to sit at the right hand of Pimp Stain

What if you woke up one morning and your house was gone?

my question to you, good sir, is: when i wake up on said morning, would i wake up in my bed with nothing else around me? or would i wake up in nothing by the pile of dirt where my house formerly wa... Read More »

What night clubs in downtown orlando have you been too Are they good Are they 18+ do they use wrist bands?

I went to one during the day that had a big castle and two mice running around, along with a bunch of other characters and rides and stuff. I don't think it was 18+ because there were lot's of litt... Read More »

Ever gone in to get your baby in the morning and found something you didn't expect?

hahaha...nothing nearly as funny as that!!!Just a few odd positions here and there... here's a photo of the latest…probably the biggest surprise was when I... Read More »