I put my macbook in the bath and now it doesnt work?

Answer LMAO. I hope this is a joke.I can't believe you seriously put your computer in the bathtub?ummm, sweetie. you broke it. it's water damaged....sorry.

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Why doesnt it work!?

Why doesnt internet work?

I almost guarantee it is one of three things.1. Try a different browser, all you have listed is firefox, does it do the same thing with internet explorer, or google chrome? There is malware design... Read More »

Printer doesnt' work?

Sounds like your printer is not not on like. How to trouble shoot and fix your Wireless and wired internet connection.… Read More »

Why doesnt my printer work?

Hi BuddyPower the printer on and remove the usb cable from the printer and re-install the software.The software will install half and tell you to plug in the usb cable to the Lexmark.Do it.The soft... Read More »