I put ear drops but mny ear is still blocked?

Answer Your doctor may syringe your ears to remove all the wax, you will feel much better then..........

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Someone stole my iphone. I read on forums about people with iphones with blocked imei's but att and apple both claim that can't do it. How can I get the imei blocked so nobody can use that phone?

over course they can but u shouldn't give them a phon like that anyway that's stupid they shouldn't havce a phone anyways

Where and when do i dial "*77" to block blocked numbers from calling meand does it block all blocked numbers?

*77 only blocks numbers who call you using *67....*77 is a paid feature...!if you want to block real phone number, then you will need a callerID manager...or now the Panasonic DECT 6.0 has a new ph... Read More »

How to Use Eye Drops?

Have you ever wondered how to use eye drops? If so, these step by step instructions will assist you in successful usage of them!

Ear Drops Not Going In?

Use a filler and tell some body to put it inside the eras after assuming a full side position.