I put a camcorder on ebay and i need to send it to nigeria. is this a scam?

Answer 100% scam.There is no buyer.There is only a scammer trying to steal your camcorder.The scammer isn't interested in your identity or bank account only in convincing you to ship your possession to hi... Read More »

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Is this a Ebay scam I feel weird about this email. i am selling iphone 4s and asking for $420.?

100% scam.There is no buyer.Notice how the scammer doesn't call what you are selling by name? He uses the generic word "it", that is because he sends the same stock copy/paste email to anyone selli... Read More »

I'm sure this is an ebay scam, what do you think?

It's a scam. Report them to eBay but don't expect a decent answer back from them!!!!

How does this suspicious Ebay scam (I think) work?

I need a cheap camcorder that is cool please send me a site of that camcorder please.?

Want something cool?Just go here! They have a lot of cool camcorder!Hope i help!