I purchased item through; Neither the ebaY nor seller (who cheated) responds?

Answer Hi,File a case in Orissa high court aganist the shop and ebay. Many people are cheated by ebay, it is high time they must be taught a lesson.I would recommend you to first consult a lawyer, he can ... Read More »

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How do I purchase more than one item from an eBay seller?

Purchase ItemsSelect the "Buy" option on the item you would like to purchase. If the seller has additional items for sale, you will see a "Continue Shopping" button underneath the "Pay" button on t... Read More »

Ebay seller sent me the wrong item - what should I do?

EBay item arrived broken. No response from seller. What to do?

You can always file a dispute.Login on Ebay,Click on Resolution Center under Customer Support (top right corner of screen)Follow the prompts.

I did not receive my item that I purchased on, What to do?

Contact the seller and tell him the item still hasn't arrived and you would like a refund. If he refuses then start a dispute for item not received. The seller will be asked to prove the item was n... Read More »