I purchased a DVD burner at a garage sale and it came with no disks?

Answer A working DVD burner doesn't require software to work properly (install). It requires software to burn only. If you hook it up, it should read disks just fine. Depending on what you're trying to bu... Read More »

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Can a DVD burner also copy blu ray disks?

Not all DVD burners are compatible with blue-ray disks. I would check your manual to see if yours is. If you cannot find the answer there then call the manufacturer.

Does CD burner XP burn DVD data disks?

The CD Burner XP program is capable of burning DVD data disks. The program is a freeware application that is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. It can also burn CDs as... Read More »

Can a DVD burner burn blue ray disks?

Go to the PlayStation Support network and it will provide steps. You should know that it is not something that most users ever try to do and I think that you should not try without someone to assist.

Garage Sale!?

Keep all your items neat and organized, if it looks like a tip people will expect to pay practically nothing for things. Try and get a friend to help so you don't have to leave things unatended. I ... Read More »