I punched a wall and my knuckle started bleeding but theres was another watery liquid coming out of my hand?

Answer plasma. its an important part of your blood and if you dont cut yourself to deep thats what comes out. youll be fine.

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I punched a wall and behind my pinkie knuckle...?

You popped a knuckle, congratulations. It's going to be sore for a few weeks ugly and deformed for many many months.Don't do it again.Oh yeah, also, don't take medical advice from the Internets, al... Read More »

I punched a wall now my knuckle is swollen and whole arm hurts?

You need to get an X ray to determine if you have a boxers fracture. Which is what you are describing. Then you need to repair the hole in the wall that you created. I assume it was plaster so j... Read More »

My husaband punched a wall about 3 weeks ago his last knuckle is swollen and painful any ideas why?

torn tissue or crack in the bone -- see a doctor!

Whoaa..Clear,Watery, Liquid coming out Of my ear?

Sounds like you have an ear infection and the pressure in your ear became so great that your eardrum (just a very thin membrane) ruptured. The eardrum will heal back just fine, but you need some a... Read More »