I punched a wall and instantly got a bruise will it get worse ?

Answer The cause for a bruise is bleeding from damaged blood vessels below the skin. Swelling is caused by stressing joints or muscles beyond their range of motion. Bruises typically fade away in ten da... Read More »

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What should I doI was punched in the neck.Instantly my voice changed. and I sound like I have a soar throat.?

I punched a wall and behind my pinkie knuckle...?

You popped a knuckle, congratulations. It's going to be sore for a few weeks ugly and deformed for many many months.Don't do it again.Oh yeah, also, don't take medical advice from the Internets, al... Read More »

I punched a wall and it won't stop hurting?

hey at least it took your mind off what you were angry will be this stage a doctor won't do anything anyway except say "take painkillers and strap it to the finger next to it to o... Read More »

I punched a wall now my knuckle is swollen and whole arm hurts?

You need to get an X ray to determine if you have a boxers fracture. Which is what you are describing. Then you need to repair the hole in the wall that you created. I assume it was plaster so j... Read More »