I puched a wall yesterday(girlfrind problems)?

Answer what the rest said except the collective sympathy for the wall, dont comment on something you know nothing about!He may have seriously been upset (emotionally or just mentally)

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Is it possible to remove all wall posts on a friends wall at once from facebook?

no, but the activity log makes it a little easier

Should a bedroom closet be on the same wall as the door or on the other wall?

Hi LoVE!If you are about to build a new closet space inside a wall I would recommend you to build it to the other wall (to the left hand side wall when looking inside the room from the door). This,... Read More »

Can you put large area rugs over worn wall-to-wall carpet?

Large area rugs are a good way to detract attention from worn carpet and can be successfully placed over wall-to-wall carpet, although a rug pad may be required to prevent the rug from slipping or ... Read More »

How do i prepare my wall to paint after taking wall paper down?

well if you are filling in holes already then i assume you have already gotten all of the glue from the wallpaper off. but it you have not, the easiest way to do so is to use a household sprayer (l... Read More »