I pressed the tab button my chrome browser!?

Answer click on the wrench button on google chrome in top right corner n go to settingsthe second option is "On Startup"the first option is open the new tab and 3rd is open specific pages now click on "se... Read More »

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I have microsoft ie as a browser and am going to add google chrome. if i make chrome my default browser,?

Tv help, pressed a button on my remote and now tv is flashing colors?

You enter the correct button code to begin the t.v. countdown. You have 5 hours once it has begun to get the hell out of your house before it blows. Good luck and may God have mercy on your soul.

I accidentally pressed a button on my keyboard now my screen has gone funny?

Perform a system restore Click on Start, Control Panel, System and Security.Under Action Center, select Restore Your Computer to an earlier time.Follow the prompts.

Can i still have my images in my memory card if i pressed the "format"button?

yes... of course, goto and get a copy of pci file recovery, and run it... itll recover from almost any media, from hard drive to memory card