I popped a blister on my thumb but now the hole is huge?

Answer Put some Neosporin on it and cover it with a Band-Aid. It will be fine. It shouldn't leave a scar.

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Blister on big toe finally popped?

God I hate those. I once had one that took up 1/4 of my foot because I was foolish to walk on a black driveway on a very sunny day. Like the previous poster said, do NOT peel it off. The reason is ... Read More »

What do you put on a popped burn blister?

How to heal a popped blister?

A bandaid and antibiotic ointment works for me.The next time you get a blister sterilize a pin in a flame and poke once into it. Push on it to drain the fluid then cover with the bandaid.When the s... Read More »

How do you care for popped burn blister?

Clean it gently with soap and water. Trim away dead skin. If it's less than the size of a quarter (2cm or 2/3in), you can rinse it with hydrogen peroxide or betadine, bandage, and do a wound check ... Read More »