I poped my knee and now it hurts!?

Answer rest it, ice it, elevate it (higher than your heart). If you can't bear weight on it after a few hours you need medical attention. A popping sound can indicate a connective tissue injury.

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Today i woke up and streched and my neck poped and know it hurts so bad that i cant move it?

Is my knee broken It hurts?

Generally if you break something you will really know about it, because it will really hurt.But you can do a range of other injuries to your knee including ones where the blood wells up.If pain per... Read More »

My knee hurts constantly?

Hi Jessica,I'm sorry about your knee. Knee injuries can be serious and there is a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain ranging from just a sprain to a tear. Without much detail as to wha... Read More »

My knee hurts after running!?

Runners knee or something. If you want it to improve it's likely you will have to give up running for a period of time, try to get physical therapy or some other form of healing stuff done.Then tr... Read More »