I poped my knee and now it hurts!?

Answer rest it, ice it, elevate it (higher than your heart). If you can't bear weight on it after a few hours you need medical attention. A popping sound can indicate a connective tissue injury.

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Today i woke up and streched and my neck poped and know it hurts so bad that i cant move it?

My knee hurts when i run, should i get a brace?

i have the same issue its probably just hard on your joints go to the drug store and get a satndard knee brace and you should be good

My knee hurts after running!?

Runners knee or something. If you want it to improve it's likely you will have to give up running for a period of time, try to get physical therapy or some other form of healing stuff done.Then tr... Read More »

I am starting to cry cause of how bad my knee hurts please help?

You can use warm water and just leave it there for about 3 min I think it will help cos that wat I do everytime after cca