I poked someone on facebook that i didn't know! will my contacts find out?

Answer Open another account for you to do the poking, or else be a proud poker and never mind what others think. As long as your activities are legal!

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Can i get a disease fom a needle if it poked u, went into ur skin but didnt go far enough to bleed?

Yes. We have blood capillaries in every part of our bodies. They may be so small that we don't even notice them, but the introduction of a single microbial organism can cause an infection. Keep ... Read More »

What's the best way to find out if any of my contacts play Mafia Wars on facebook?

I play Farmtown!Umm that doesn't help does it?

I have been poked on facebook What does this mean?

not necessarily. A poke is just like saying hi, its kinda pointless actually. Its usually just a casual hello. I wouldn't worry about it.

I just became aware that someone on Facebook has "poked" me...?

Sorry, I will try to control my sexual urges. But to stroke my ego, did you like it?