I plugged my scanner in but it won't work..says it is not installed..Help?

Answer Install driver and it will work.

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I plugged my usb cable && my camera in to my computer, but the pictures wont come u. help?

Make sure after you plug it in, you turn it on. Then click on "My Computer". and look for the drive with your camera on it. Should say "Canon" or whatever your cameras name is. Hope this helps.

My yamaha a/v receiver wont play sound from anything plugged into it.?

Did you make sure that the selector switch is on the right source you want to hear from ? Make sure you do not have the speaker turned off or on the mute turn on. Hope this will help you out.

I dropped my iphone and it wont turn on at all i plugged it up i also tried to reset it and nothing happen what should i do?

I dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet..clever. going to try the rice method

My ipod nano wont turn on, nor will it charge when plugged into the computer. ?

hehe. this is common. let me guess, you only chrage it through the usb port on your pc?if so, borrow or buy a portable usb wall charger and plug the nano's usb cable in. let it stay for 24 hours, t... Read More »