I play an mkv file on my external hard drive to a samsung hd tv and it is jumpy?

Answer That happens probably because your TV don't have correct codecs for mkv, try converting to avi or mp4 and try again. I think that you ill loose little of the quality but it's free to try :)I use Fr... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Samsung External Hard Drive?

Samsung produces a variety of electronic products, including external hard drives. External drives function just like internal drives, except you can easily transport your data from computer to com... Read More »

My external hard drive has a corrupt file. How do I fix it?

Well if it is currupt and you can't fix it all make sure you reformat it. you will loose all your data in doing so, but you will save the drive.But before you do that, try to rn the check this bolu... Read More »

How do i edit the boot.ini file in an external hard drive?

connect your HDD to External (r) secondary device.boot to start normaly login windows.following type "CMD" at run command.then entire go to external (r) secondary device in Primary drive.(as extern... Read More »

How do I play an external hard drive on a DVD player?

Verify DVD Player CompatibilityCheck the available ports on your DVD player, as not all DVD players are able to play external files. You must have the available means to connect the external drive ... Read More »