I plan to use my Tv as a monitor for my new PC. Will sound come out it's speakers?

Answer DVI and VGA do not carry audio. If your television has an input for audio you could use the audio out jack on your pc to connect.***don't listen to the idiots who go around thumbs-downing all the ... Read More »

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Your desktop monitor has in-built speakers When you put in the headphone sound comes from both the headphone and the speakers How do you stop the sound from the speakers with headphone jack attached?

Answer headphones and speakers work Mine will do this if the headphone jack is not completely seated in the plug. Just give a little push and see if it goes on in any further, you may feel or hear ... Read More »

How do i turn on the sound on my new PC monitor with built in speakers?

what's the monitor brand, what's the model, you didn't specified these information!

My computer speakers don't sound good. Are there any high quality speakers I can purchase, and where?

Labtec Pulse 385 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Other products by Labtec (4 customer reviews) More about this product --------------------------------------…List Price: $29.99 Price: $16.95 ... Read More »

I have 2 sets of 5.1 surround speakers, where should i place the speakers to get best sound quality?

2 in the back (one on the left and the other on the right) for backround action. 2 in the front( one on the right and one on the left) for up-close action. and the rest on top of your TV and the ot... Read More »