I paid for an app and It got deleted from the app store do I get a refund!?

Answer You need to contact the store where you bought it from and ask. We have no way of knowing what their refund policies are. Just go to the website and look for a "contact us" link.

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The app store has been deleted from my iPhone How do you reinstall the app store?

ive never heard of that happening but i would plug your phone into your computer and in itunes hit restore and it will reset everything on your phone but should bring it back

Let's say a song gets deleted from youtube..does it get deleted from my itunes also?

No song on your iTunes are saved on your computer not online

Deleted files. Can we retrieve from the hard disk After it was deleted from the 'trash' I mean.?

When a file is actually deleted by EMPTYING the Recycle Bin, the File Allocation Table* replaces the first character of the file name with a (?) character indicating that this space is now availabl... Read More »

Can you cancel Progressive Insurance in Virginia at any time and get a refund if paid in Full?

Yes, you can cancel any policy at any time, and expect a refund for the used portion of premium paid.