I own a Windows 98 computer and need a new priinter....?

Answer CHECK THE MANUFACTURERS WEBSITE FIRST!The people who say "yea, its probably compatible" are likely wrong. Drivers written for NTFS True 32-Bit windows 2000 MAY OR MAY NOT work with the 16-bit emula... Read More »

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How strong does my computer need to be for windows vista?…This link will do an automatic test of your computer. At the bottom of the first page, click the "I Agree" button. Then on the second page, click the "Can... Read More »

If I transfer my hard drive to a new computer will I need to get a new copy of Windows?

No, your copy of Windows 7 is tied down to the hard drive.DISREGARD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MAJOR EDIT: My bad, I didn't read your question properly. Yes, you will have to get a new copy of w... Read More »

Just got a new hp computer and when i went to install my old scanner it says i need windows 95 or 98?

Go to the hp website, and update the driver for your scanner. I'll try to find it for you:Here you go:…Try to download that update, and see if it works.Mak... Read More »

If i install Windows XP on a Windows 98 computer will the computer break?

no, it's fine do itwith the money bill gates has and the monopoly that microsoft has trust me windows will never cause your computer to break, just run very slowYou can actually install windows 98 ... Read More »