I ovulate a lot it's getting embarrassing ?

Answer What you are referring to is actually called 'vaginal discharge.' It's completely normal to have white, clear, or yellow-white discharge in your panties -- it's the way your vagina keeps itself cle... Read More »

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RIGHT after you ovulate...?

When you FEEL the pain of ovulation is not necessarily the actual time of ovulation.When the follicular capsule stretches (before it actually bursts) is when the pain is often felt. There is no way... Read More »

When exactly do you ovulate?

Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the start of a woman's period if she has a traditional 28-day cycle, according to the Baby Center. The exact timing of ovulation varies from one woman to the... Read More »

Clomid if you already ovulate on your own..?

No, your chances will will be the same that as if you wernt ovulating properly. But Clomid users do tend to have a high rate for multiples. Good luck!!!

Is it possible to ovulate while you are pregnant?

Answer No. Not usually, as when you become pregnant your egg becomes fertilized, then makes it's way down to the uterus where it implants itself in the lining. Your body then starts production of h... Read More »