I ordered something on HMV website (UK) and they've buggered up my order?

Answer How about getting the number for the HMV store near you (try ring them and see if they can helpFailing that have a look on the website about returns/refunds or the return slip that you go... Read More »

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I ordered something on Amazon on November 27th.?

Opa Locka to where...good chance for Monday. Sounds like you used free shipping.

Do you tip when you order pizza to carry out We are throwing a party and have ordered a dozen pizzas.?

i always tip whether i go in to dine or carry out because they don't get paid much hourly. Start my tipping at 20% and increase based on service

Have you ordered contact lenses from the Optical Institute website?

i would go to google and type optical institute and than track your package. If you did not receive your contact lens prescription from an eye doctor, you should not be able to get contacts online.... Read More »

I mistyped my postcode when i ordered something off the internet but put the right address will i still get it?

Consult with seller immediately. If you are lucky ie. they did not shipped the goods yet, they should correct it.