I ordered a computer a computer recently and realized there is no internal wireless card...?

Answer A wireless card is necessary to connect to the Internet thru wifi. Since you don't have one, you can directly connect the computer to your modem with a LAN cable. But you can also get a USB wireles... Read More »

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Will a wireless router sync to direct TV when it is connected to a desktop computer that doesn't have a wireless card?

4kids is on channel 46 a.k.a. WXCW beginning at 7am. I couldn't find the answer anywhere so I had to look for it myself.

Do you have to have a wireless card to connect a desktop computer to a wireless router?

Yes, the wireless card is what picks up the signal from the router.

I purchased a new computer recently but kept my printer. i cant scan pictures into my computer?

Make sure you install the printer driver from the printer's CD onto your computer. Without the driver, your computer will not detect your printer.

What is a computer wireless card?

Traditionally, computers used network cables to connect to computer networks to access network resources, including the Internet. By using a wireless network card, a computer user's work area is no... Read More »