I opened a link on skype and i think its a virus?

Answer You probably have a virus on your laptop, and if it will not turn on you will need to bring it to a repair shop. Judging from what you have said in the previous post you may, or may not lose all of... Read More »

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I opened a scam bank email link?

CALL THE BANK ON THE TELEPHONE, RIGHT NOW.DO NOT USE THE INTERNET!!!come back in 5 minutes to finish what I have to say.Banking Trojans an install fake pages into your Windows system, so that when ... Read More »

I just get something from skype is that a virus?

It is a spam message. Ignore it otherwise you will be spreading it aswell.

Unknown virus that cause Skype/AVG and others to stop working (Windows 7)?

actually that virus may be programmed to terminate given processes. the coder may had not mentioned the avast antivirus and thats why it is running and can detect the problems. you can update the a... Read More »

The Link Between Cats & Herpes Virus?

According to 75 percent to 90 percent of cats carry rhinotracheitis, or herpes 1 virus. Acute attacks of herpes usually last about two weeks and cause minor distress to the cat. If the... Read More »