I only have one usb port,Is there an adapter i can plug in?

Answer USB hub. VERY inexpensive almost anywhere...internet, WalMart, any elecronics store that carries computer equipment...Keep in mind what you are trying to run from usb. If you put too many devices... Read More »

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I have only 2 usb ports on my there such thing as a usb multi outlet that i could plug in back ?

Yes, four-port USB hubs are very common. Larger ones, like 7-port hubs, are not as common but still out there. Most will need powered to run everything. You can find them anywhere - WalMart, Best B... Read More »

Stove with a 3 prong plug and you just moved to a home with a 4 prong outlet for the stove Is there an adapter you can buy to plug in your stove?

Is there a way to plug RCA jacks into a T.V. that only has a Coax connector?

I have tried the adaptors that people are talking about they do not workwhat you can do is plug the PS2 in the back of a VCR, or by a converter that Radio shackor what you do is go on ebay and get ... Read More »

I recently brought a DVD player my TV is to old to have the outlets is there an adapter I can buy?

IT IS CALLED A RF modulator any electronics stores (even some truck stop here in the US) will have one. There also are models that do video switching and if you want to ever have more than one thin... Read More »