I only have one usb port,Is there an adapter i can plug in?

Answer USB hub. VERY inexpensive almost anywhere...internet, WalMart, any elecronics store that carries computer equipment...Keep in mind what you are trying to run from usb. If you put too many devices... Read More »

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How to Plug in a BrailleNote Adapter?

Plugging in the adapter, or charger, for the BrailleNote is really easy.

Is an adapter needed for a uk plug?

Plugs in the UK have three rectangular prongs, so whether you are traveling to the UK or taking a UK appliance to the USA, you will need an adapter. The voltage is also different, so you should che... Read More »

How to Make a Plug Adapter for Traveling?

Easy Home Made Plug AdapterLearn how to make a plug adapter to enable you to plug in your own electrical devices when abroad. This design is cheap, easy to make and very safe.This adapter assumes t... Read More »

Do I need a special plug in adapter in Japan?

If you are a United States citizen traveling to Japan with electronics, in most cases an adapter is not necessary to use your electronics. There is only a 10v difference between Japan (100v) and th... Read More »