I only have a 6GB HDD in my computer, does that byte?

Answer Just a bit.

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I have only 2 usb ports on my there such thing as a usb multi outlet that i could plug in back ?

Yes, four-port USB hubs are very common. Larger ones, like 7-port hubs, are not as common but still out there. Most will need powered to run everything. You can find them anywhere - WalMart, Best B... Read More »

Is your computer memory 1giga byte?

If you have this strange feeling in your stomach it has only been 4 or 5 days days since you have had intercourse what does that mean?

Probably nothing. Maybe gas. Maybe a stomach virus. But most likely nothing related to intercourse.

I have a Sony DCR-HC52 Handy Cam camcorder that does not have a usb cable. Can i edit videos on my computer?

If you have a mini dv (cassette) camcorder….Your dv camcorder needs a firewire connection (ieee 1394) in order to download video, your PC probably did not come with a firewire port, so you will h... Read More »