I only eat chicken and fish is that considered a vegeterian?

Answer No. That is not vegetarian.The Webster Dictionary definition of Vegetarian is one who believes in or practices vegetarianism, a diet consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, and sometimes eggs or d... Read More »

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Am I considered a vegeterian If so, what type?

Technically, if you eat fish you're not a vegetarian. But, there is a term for people who are veg and eat fish - Pesco Vegetarian. Consuming eggs and dairy makes you an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian. All in... Read More »

Fish or chicken, chicken or fish, what other meats are heart healthy?

Most all meats can actually be healthy, even from small game that has been hunted in the wild and well-cleaned and cooked over a fire. But modern Man has largely lost that once essential survival t... Read More »

Is a rooster considered a chicken?

Chickens are domesticated fowl that live approximately 15 years. The male chicken is called a rooster and the female a hen. Warning the flock of danger and fertilizing eggs laid by hens are the pri... Read More »

If you eat chicken, can you still be considered a vegetarian?

No, but some people would just call you a pollotarian (not sure on the spelling) which means you're basically a vegetarian, and the only meat you eat is chicken.A lot of vegetarians/vegans, includi... Read More »