I no this may sound silly. But wat is a BLOG?

Answer ya know, i think it's like a personal website, like ya know how people have myspace, well that's kinda like a blog. that's what my sis told me. cuz i didn't no either till bout a week ago!!! LOL

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This may sound silly, but will is a dvd from the UK different than one from the US?

Uk has Region 2 DVD's.....US has Region 1. If you make sure your DVD's are Region 1, you should be ok. xXx

This may sound like a silly question but here it goes..?

That is very simple, you answered yourself. It is gross when people leave dishes in the sink for more than 1 day. My sisters do the same, and because of that they have roaches and I hate going to... Read More »

I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question but?

There's no such thing as a silly question, only the stupid don't ask questions.The spider most probably will not harm your monitor. It will almost certainly either crawl out and away, or die.

It may sound a silly question, but what is IT in computer terms?