I no this may sound silly. But wat is a BLOG?

Answer ya know, i think it's like a personal website, like ya know how people have myspace, well that's kinda like a blog. that's what my sis told me. cuz i didn't no either till bout a week ago!!! LOL

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This might sound stupid but can black girls use colorful eyeshadow with out looking silly (i'm new to this)?

Actually darker skin makes the bright colors stand out more. Personally I think it looks great. I would say, purple, lime green, hot pink, yellow, and maybe an aqua or teal color would look great. ... Read More »

This may sound like a silly question but here it goes..?

That is very simple, you answered yourself. It is gross when people leave dishes in the sink for more than 1 day. My sisters do the same, and because of that they have roaches and I hate going to... Read More »

I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question but?

There's no such thing as a silly question, only the stupid don't ask questions.The spider most probably will not harm your monitor. It will almost certainly either crawl out and away, or die.

This may sound silly but why do you sometimes get a headache if you sleep to long?

Hey there!The reason why you get a headache after you sleep is because your brain isnt shut off anymore and your trying to shut it off to get more shut eye. See when your tired your brain will just... Read More »