I never really drank beer or smoked, and intend to keep it that way...?

Answer Just volunteer to be the designated driver...They'll love you.

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Beer Question> Have you ever drank green beer?

Yes, in China and Philippines.I guess so.

What damage might be caused if drank and smoked and now 3 weeks pregnant?

Rest easy, it is unlikely that there would be any damage to the fetus if you drank alcohol or smoked before you found out that you were pregnant. Now is the time to stop, continuing to drink alcoho... Read More »

Should a child be able to sue a mother who smoked, drank or used drugs during pregnancy?

I don't know. If you could, you'd most likely be bleeding a stone. I get the feeling these aren't usually the moms with lots of money in the bank.Women in Europe drink a glass of wine at dinner t... Read More »

What was the last brand of beer you drank?