I never got my period...?

Answer There is absolutely nothing you can do to induce menstruation. Please stop whining.P.S.- For those people trying to scare her about her period, please stop as well. It's really not that bad once ... Read More »

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When i wipe i see a bunch of blood on the toilet paper am i getting my period i am 14 and never had my period?

Awwwh...Yes dear congratulations for you maturity into womanhood. Another flower has blossomed. Be sure not to loose your petals anytime soon.

Im 32 and have never started my period?

aww i feel so bad that u don't get the cramping,bloating,the i want to kill everyone feeling.

I am 13 and i am 36 days of my period but ive never had sex could i be pregnate?

lol, there is NO possible way, unless you've actually had no worries; and your period is supposed to be irregular for a few years, so don't sweat :)

If a girl has never started her period and had sex can she get pregnant?

Yes, a woman's first period only happens after the first time she ovulates so it is possible for her to get pregnant without ever having had a period if she is unlucky enough to have sex during the... Read More »